Long Time ago Ruined Bowser However & EXTRA'S Old game
1 名前:ReditMario999◇EXTRA 最終更新:2021年08月14日(土) 20:49:22 種類:Patch
Created and made by EXTRA and mistakes corrected by ReditMario999.
They were added new levels

The new levels that have been added have not been built by EXTRA as much as correcting the mistakes in the currently built levels!
Update level 19!

2 名前:KobaBeach 投稿日:2021年03月15日(月) 17:00:52 ID:Y8l96vaj
Where are you even getting these?

I just worry about how EXTRA feels about his work getting reuploaded and edited without his permission.
I guess Zandro's archive is a thing and all, but... Still.

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