BeniBoD/Core Custom Music
1 名前:BeniBoD/Core 最終更新:2012年06月01日(金) 23:02:21 種類:Music
Some custom music ported by me.
Addmusic 4.05:
DK2 - Forest Interlude
Romancing SaGa - Hurry Out
Rudra no Hihou - Crime of the Heart Night
Star Fox 64 - Map
Basshunter - DotA
Custom - Pirates
CyberRainForce - Village of Senio Fisherman
DK2 - Forest Interlude
Link's Awakening - Eagle Tower
Link's Awakening - Face Shrine
Oracle of Ages - Black Tower
Oracle of Ages - Mermaid Cave
Oracle of Ages - Zora Village
Oracle of Seasons - Explorer's Crypt
Oracle of Seasons - Sword and Shield Maze
Oracle of Seasons - Tarm Ruins
Oracle of Seasons - Temple Ruins
Pokémon Emerald - Rayquaza Battle
Pokémon Emerlad - Deoxys Battle
Romancing Saga - Battle
Romancing SaGa 2 - 7 Hero Battle
Romancing SaGa 2 - Battle
Romancing SaGa 3 - Abyss Gate
Romancing SaGa 3 - Four Noble Devils II
Romancing Saga 3 - Gen's Castle Battle
Romancing Saga 3 - Last Journey
Romancing Saga 3 - Leonid's Castle
Romancing SaGa 3 - Nightmare
Romancing Saga 3 - Podorui
Romancing SaGa 3 - The Dark Underground
Romancing Saga 3 - The Devil King's Castle
Romancing Saga 3 - The Saga Continues
Rudra no Hihou - Crime of the Heart
Rudra no Hihou - Crime of the Heart Night
Seiken Densetsu - Overworld
Seiken Densetsu 2 - Star of Darkness
Yoshi's Island - Crystal Cave

日本語喋れません (translated by Masashi27)

2 名前: ◆K.Youmu/PY 投稿日:2012年06月02日(土) 12:43:18 ID:akYHEdZR

3 名前:名無しさん 投稿日:2012年06月05日(火) 17:30:15 ID:7AQ3X+Uu

4 名前:名無しさん 投稿日:2012年06月23日(土) 10:54:25 ID:XybySD8o
we use addmusic M
we not use addmusic

5 名前:名無しさん 投稿日:2012年06月30日(土) 19:49:07 ID:fNp3e0rc

We use addmusicM
We don't use addmusic

6 名前:BeniBoD/Core 投稿日:2012年07月01日(日) 18:04:50 ID:Y2E5uEYP
That is why most of the mml is AddmusicM

7 名前:Masashi27 投稿日:2012年07月03日(火) 03:55:21 ID:eedNJbCj

8 名前:名無しさん 投稿日:2012年07月24日(火) 17:14:32 ID:HFtxWIpq
To >>7
Why do you use Japanese?
I understand, to translate your text is very difficult.
But, Core can't understand Japanese.
Or, you say to us?

To Core
Thank you for uploading these mml.
But, why did you upload here?
I think SMW Central is better than here.

9 名前:BeniBoD/Core 投稿日:2012年07月24日(火) 19:46:29 ID:Y2E5uEYP
To 名無しさん
Central has a rule with echo rewrite and some of these ports
don't work with echo rewrite (cause the sample size is too bid)

10 名前:Daizo Dee Von 投稿日:2012年10月08日(月) 15:02:41 ID:3nIIvpg3
Yeah, SMWC has this little rule about compatibillity's with the SNES. Echo in music can't overthlow or anything that crashes BSNES/SNES9x/SNES (It sucks actually (.)_(.) )

11 名前:koumafan 投稿日:2018年10月14日(日) 00:57:09 ID:xf3K9qKG
these ports are actually pretty good

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